The Painful Truth about Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome – Women are often problematic of the pain they feel especially during their monthly period. They often experience pain in their pelvic region due to the accumulation of blood in this area. As you know, proper blood circulation is needed for the body to function well. If you are affected by this disorder, you may be one of those thirty percent of women all over the world that experience pain in their pelvic area during their monthly period. You may be having this pelvic congestion syndrome.

What happens if you have pelvic congestion syndrome? There is much pain in the abdominal and pelvic area because of the pressure felt from accumulation of blood in this region. You may also be suffering from cramps in this area that may also cause headache and back pain. Pelvic congestion happens when there is a complication in the valves or veins circulating blood to the heart from the pelvic area. The abnormal blood flow from this condition causes the veins to develop.

When the blood flows only in one direction, there is an abnormal blood flow which then results to the poor function of this part of the body. When the blood flows backward, there is an abnormal function of the veins which make it force blood back to the pelvic area. It is like blood is being pushed down to the pelvic region. The varicosities can stimulate our nerves, resulting to pain. Sometimes when the condition gets really worse, the pelvic pain can be felt all the way to the gall bladder, too.

There are possible other causes of pelvic congestion syndrome, but the real cause these days are yet to be determined. Some of the possible causes may be the anatomical change can also lead to this condition. Another is the change in the pelvis structure which may lead to this disorder. In addition, the hormonal imbalance like the usage of a hormone called estrogen can also weaken the walls of the veins. This results to varicose veins which are often encountered by pregnant women due to the increased weight that they handle. You should always be aware of the said signs and symptoms of this pelvic pain. Always consult the doctor if you think you are affected by this condition especially when the pain keeps coming back.

Pain can be of various levels, and in some cases, the pain can become really unbearable for other women. In this case, you have to consult the doctor when you can feel the painful symptoms of this condition. Pelvic congestion syndrome is treatable when diagnosed earlier. Avoid the complication called infertility, so consult the doctor now if you think you are affected by this condition.

Consult your doctor for proper treatment of pelvic congestion syndrome. Stay clear of it and live a painless life.

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